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A votre bon cœur <3 Même si ce n'est qu'un seul ~
Please, you'll be great <3 Even if it's only one ~

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So, I've been tagged by the sweet :iconsatan-jnr: <3 Also, I want to apologize for my awful english, sorry ><

Rules :
-Answer the 13 questions that the person who tagged you asks you to answer and then write down 13 questions that you wanna ask the people that you tag.
-You shall tag 13 others.
-Don't answer in the comments...make a journal yourself.
-If you don't finish this in a week you have to do something the tagger asks you to do. *Laughs maniacally before crying in corner*


The questions ! questions! :D (Big Grin)

  1. What do you commonly draw?
  2. How did you find deviantART? :) (Smile)
  3. Which fandoms do you partake in? I am a dummy! (TV, bands, etc)
  4. Favorite colour? XD
  5. Do you enjoy art as a hobby, or is there another reason? 0.0
  6. Do you have any pets? :happybounce: 
  7. What type of cuisine do you enjoy? 
  8. Your bias if you like K-pop! Who is it and why? :D (Big Grin)
  9. Traditional or digital?
  10. Would you rather sleep more, or sleep less?
  11. Do you like sweet or savory?
  12. If you could get away with one thing and not get caught, what would it be?
  13. Last one! How long does it take for you to draw something? (avg)
Answers !
  1. I commonly draw my OCs, even if it's been a looooong time since I drew them... I kinda feel like a bad mother to them ;-; I also draw the "Gardienne" of others on the game Eldarya but I do not post those drawings on DA x)
  2. I do not really remember, but I think I found it by chance looking for some hands models ^^'
  3. I'm part of a lot of fandoms ! EXO, SUJU, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, AHS, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, BTS... I got so many that I don't think I can list all of them xD
  4. Blue ! And black OvO
  5. It's only a hobby for me, even if when I was younger I used to draw to express myself because I used to be very shy and not very talkative >///<
  6. I do ! I have a Boston Terrier <3
  7. Any kind of asian food, I would be able to eat asian every day for the rest of my life *^*
  8. This is a cruel question QvQ Right now, my bias is Lay, our little unicorn <3 I got an angel voice and he is so cute... I found in love even more with him when I watch "Go Fighting !"
  9. I prefer digital because it's easier to correct when I do mistakes on a drawing. But I also like traditional art :3
  10. I'd rather sleep more Q_Q
  11. Sweet and savory at the same time ! xD
  12. I don't know... Something k-pop related I think, or a VIP pass for an EXO concert x)
  13. Sooooooo long. I don't know how many hours exactly, because I do not draw an entire art at once, so it's hard to estimate the time I take for one art QvQ
My turn ! I tag : 

:iconkagomefantasy: :iconlinkdezelda: :iconkinectiklover: :iconsehuun: :iconh1ka: :iconlauriieb: :iconphyphydi: :iconcremebunny: :iconrotten-sama: :iconsorayahlove: :iconzia-art: :icontanukai: :iconemilkun:
Sorry, but you don't have to do it n_n

My questions
  1. What was your biggest fear when you were little ?
  2. What do you like to draw ? (Can be a part of a body, a landscape, an object...)
  3. What is your favorite kind of food ?
  4. Any film you would be able to watch every day ?
  5. Is there any TV show you want to share ?
  6. If you could bring only ONE thing with you on a desert island, what would it be ?
  7. Where would you want to go if you would travel to only one country ?
  8. Do you have a favorite book ? 
  9. How old are you ? (you can lie ! xD)
  10. How long has it been since you became a member on DA ?
  11. What language(s) can you speak ?
  12. What kind of music do you listen when you're drawing ? 
  13. Do you know that I love you ? <3

Your turn ! I'm excited to read your answers <3
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Luhan - Promises
  • Reading: The Revolution of Ivy - Amy Engel
  • Watching: American Horror Story Hotel
  • Drinking: water
EXO - Love me Right GIF Dance

I'm back !  n_n Since I'm now on holiday, I hope I will be able to draw more than before x)
My first real GIF ! I chose a part of the dance of Love Me Right by EXO and I redrew it with Paint tool sai. I was actually easier and faster than I thought !



Je suis de retour ! n_n Je suis maintenant en vacance, donc j'espère pouvoir dessiner plus qu'avant x)
Voici mon premier vrai GIF ! J'ai choisi une partie de la chorégraphie de Love Me Right de EXO que j'ai redessiné avec Paint Tool Sai. C'était plus facile et rapide que ce que je pensais n_n


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